Hello everyone!  We have SweeTango apples and fresh pressed cider available now.  Stop by to feed that love that comes from MN grown apples.  Chestnut are still hanging on the tree trying to sweeten up Honeycrisp picking is fast approaching, along with Sweet 16, then Frostbite, followed by Haralson with SnowSweet bringing up the rear.  The sales room is full of homemade crafts and goodies this year.  Alex and Shannon have done an exceptional job crafting!  Bear fat soap, sugar scrub, and Tootsie Relief (for those tired and sore muscles-feet too!) are here.  Honey from the orchard is also on the shelf.

Taste testing of the jams, jellies, salsas, butters, bbq sauces, cider, and dressings are always available to do. Stop in for a cup of coffee or hot cider.