It’s apple time everyone!!  Fall is just around the corner and the apples are growing, turning red, and getting ready to meet you again this year.  It’s been a tough year with all the rain and humidity raining down around us for the last three months.  That makes for a lot of disease and pest problems for apples.  The Beacon are looking good and ready to be picked.  The Zestar! are also ready for picking but are not the prettiest due to apple scab.  Guess we’ll just be pressing that awesome cider sooner than we thought!

We look forward to seeing everyone when we open September 1st.  We have new crafts, jellies, jams, apple sauce, bbq sauces, dressings, cider, bear fat soap, etc just waiting for you. Enjoy the rest of summer and stop by for the best apples you will ever taste-Minnesota grown apples!!