September 15, 2023

Hello Patriots and welcome to fall.  We are open for the 2023 apple season and look forward to seeing you again.  We are open Thursday through Sunday 9-5 each day. God Bless America! God Bless The Children!

Apple varieties available are: First Kiss, Zestar!, SweeTango, and KinderKrisp.  Sweet 16, Honeygold, Honeycrisp, Frostbite will be ripening from now until the end of September.  Haralson and SnowSweet will be ready in October.  Cider is always available as we press each week.  Homemade crafts, jams, salsa, maple syrup, maple cream, wild rice, jewelry, engraved items, tallow soaps, sugar scrubs, etc are what you’ll find at Cider Flats.

Rudy and Rhoda are anxious to see you again.  The cider is hot.  See you at the orchard!