Man it’s been a long time since we wrote on this blog!  I would say I should get on whoever was in charge of this, but it was probably supposed to be me 🙂  Well, fall is approaching which means things are revving up at the orchard.  We have had a bit of a rough year, battling a late freeze, hail, and all the insects and diseases that grow so well in the heat and humidity we had.  But battle we did, and we will see the fruits of our labor. (Pun intended, laugh here).  In the fight, we lost most of our SweeTango’s and Zestars.  We all but cut down the entire planting of Fireside.  But we are left with a good crop of Honeycrisp, Chestnut crab, Haralson and SnoSweet.  Karen and I just spent the day processing 2 crates of plums.  The smell in the kitchen was intoxicating, but now we have the cleanup.. i am considering bribing the kids to do that part.  The sad piece of that is those were all our plums.  We don’t have enough to open up and sell.  So I say to you the phrase that many a farmer before me has said.  “Maybe next year.”  We are in the process of figuring out what to do with the raspberries this year.  You see, there are more than we can eat, but maybe not enough to tell the public “Come and get ’em!”.. So I will let you know later what we come up with.  We will be opening the Thursday of Labor Day weekend we think, but as always, call ahead, especially if there is something in particular you are looking for.  We’re really excited to see you guys, share a cup of cider, and enjoy our favorite season!  See you soon!